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Dog  Grooming

Our state of the art equipment and skilled pet grooming staff will make your pet look their very best while taking special care to put them at ease during all pet grooming services. We style all breeds. Short or Tall, Big or Small, we groom them all!

Our facility is great! We have a fenced backyard where your dog will go out to pee, poop, play and sniff around while they are with us. Also, our dog loving staff will pamper and spoil your dog in a stress free environment to make them feel happy and comfortable.

dog before and after grooming

We are proud to offer Shed-less treatments

During this extraordinary treatment, dead hair and dander is removed from your dog in our state-of-the-art spa. This is the hair and dander that would eventually be shed in your home and car.

Shed-Less treatments do not stop the natural shedding process, nor is this a one-time cure. Not only will this service benefit your pet, but you as well. We highly recommend this treatment if you are sensitive to pet dander or hair, or simply dislike the constant cleaning of pet hair.